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Autumn Advance

Time to switch up neons and pastels for some more seasonal shades.
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Mandarin rind candle, cute little date night trick. Eat the insides, put in a little oil and light the little white thing that held the segments together on fire.
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you will have to excuse the borderline tacky standing next to expensive car which isn't mine pose, what can I say all the excitement of a cheeky white wine with friends I haven't seen in too long and the very short wait to get into the Marquee makes me giddy and demand photos taken next to things that colour coordinate with my outfit. Yes I have been growing out my fringe! The process has been an extremely painful one. This isn't to say I wasn't happy with my blunt bangs for so many years, but I felt that I didn't suit them anymore and came the three months of pain known only too well to anyone that has ever been coerced into cutting a fringe. Tears at my hairdressers every few weeks and a crate full of hairspray means that by the time this photo was taken I am slightly more happy with the growth progress. It was a haircut (or should I say growth) that was a long time coming and in January I bit thee bullet and told my hairdresser not to trim my bangs. It had to be done, and the way I saw it hair grows fastest in summer and I was hoping to be somewhat happy with the length by the time I go to Europe in June so that I can have my hassle free wash and wear hair back.

Life advice from Bali Barret

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I came across these little quotes by Bali Barret via little reminders of love a few days ago and couldn't help but smile at how my style has changed over the last few years, I would have grimaced at what Bali points at as quintessentially chic, but now I found myself nodding and smiling as I nudged my Givenchy bag on the floor under the table to keep it from getting stepped on by other uni students. I'm sure that if you already have these as small habits, it's kind of smile inducing to know you're on the same page as Bali (although I'd probably be careful with the street crossing one).


For anyone who's interested in adding a great leather jacket to their arsenal, I'm very sad to part with this Marni laser-cut leather stunner(I'm saving for some extra time in Europe this year). It's unlined and kind of amazing for Sydney weather if you've found every other jacket too sweaty. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT HERE.



a few screenshots from my dear friend Chris Cheng's new in-house magazine for LAB. I love zines because unlike your ordinary mags they allow for a whole different creative freedom. The launch issue is a great read and a visually stimulating (HELLO ridiculously good looking male models and clean fluid lines!) insight into the world of male modelling and menswear. You can view the whole issue here.